The Institute having a developed library, the students are facilitated to get access to information related to their academia and other important information from library sources. They are allowed to avail this opportunity by spending time in Library to meet their studies and research requirements and their needs for a study place. The library is equipped with electronic access through the internet data bases.Access has been obtained from HEC database sources to ensure that students have the up- to-date information available.

IT lab of School of Health Sciences Peshawar has been provided with 32 number of latest Cor2du, Core i3 and Core i5 fully functional computer systems.
• 24hrs connected 10 Mbps internet facility dedicated to IT Lab.
• Separate internet connection of 10 Mbps for faculty staff and administration use.
• Heavy duty printer has also been installed for students facilitation.
• Bi functional (hot/cold option) AC has been installed.

School of Health Sciences, Peshawar has established a purposefully build hostel on the top door of the campus. The students from remote areas are facilitated residential accommodation and food facilities. The hostel is equipped with indoor/ outdoor sports activities & spacious grounds / 28 rooms (Tri-seater) with attach washroom and secure environment. This facility is provided on first-come first-served basis. The hostel management endeavors to cater for optimum facilities required for day-to-day living of the

SHS Peshawar has provided its students with a cafeteria where refreshment, tea, snacks, sweets and other necessities are available at reasonable price.