Fee Structure Programs:

I. Those students who fail in semesters examination and are re-admitted in the same class shall be liable to deposit 50% of the tuition fee for all category students of SHS prescribed for the semester. In case of re appearance in failed subject/s one fourth(1/4) of the total annual tuition fee for the each failed subject shall be charged.
II. Those students who do not appear in the final term exam due to shortage of attendance, wilful absence shall be charged 100% tuition fee for that semester and will be liable to repeat classes.

Fee Policy :

The fee and dues will be charged from each student irrespective of his / her year / semester of admission as per details given in the prospectus. All fee and dues of the first semester must be paid on or before the last date mentioned in the offer letter of admission, otherwise his/her admission will be cancelled and seat will be offered to the next candidate on merit list. If the student fail to submit fee before submission of final examination form of the semester, institute has right to withheld their examination form and not send to concerned university / faculty / board / council. For subsequent semesters fee and dues for academic year if not paid within 15 days of start of semester a fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be imposed. The late fee fine shall be calculated from the due date till the date of deposition of semester fee, if the semester fee is submitted before the end of each respective semester if the student fails to pay his/her fee and dues within 30 days his/her name will be struck off from the instituiton.

Fee For Repeating Module:

Students who intend to repeat the dropped module shall be liable to pay 50% of the semester tuition fee for all category students of SHS prescribed for the year/semester.

Fee Refund Policy:

The fee refund policy on account of cancellation of admission for the different department of SHS, according to the higher education commission, Islamabad guidelines are as under;

Percentage of Fee Timeline for Semester/ Trimester System
KMU Full (100%) Fee Refund Up to 7th day of commencement of classes
Half (50%) Fee Refund From 8th to 15th day of the commencement of classes
No Fee (0%) Refund From 16th day of commencement of classes