All the students of DPT Semester 8th & 10th, are hereby informed that MID-TERM EXAMINATION, SPRING,2023 has been scheduled from 2nd October 2023 to 9th October 2023.

It is further informed that an OSPE/OSCE exam shall also be held after the theory paper (not Scheduled).

You are directed to deposit all Semester Dues on or Before 02.10.2023 positively, to attempt Mid-term examination, failing which will disqualify students from final-term exam or a heavy fine will be imposed.

Cc to:

  1. MD SHS Peshawar.
  2. Principal, SHS Peshawar.
  3. Account Section, SHS Peshawar.
  4. Dr. Hammad Khan, HOD (DPT) with a request to inform all the students.